Puppy Packs

Each puppy that leaves Purely Poms goes home with one of our awesome puppy packs! They include everything your puppy will need to transition into it's new environment. All items are carefully selected for each pack and are examples of brands that we know and trust. They are all crafted with high quality ingredients and materials.

Each pack is valued at over $120!

They are each a little different and are assembled with gender in mind.

Packs include:

  • 1 ~ Kennel
  • 1 ~ Kennel Bed
  • 1 ~ Blanket
  • 1 ~ Lead
  • 4 ~ Days of food
  • 1 ~ Bag of treats
  • 1 ~ Elk Antler
  • 2 ~ Bowls
  • 1 ~ Bottle of water
  • 3 ~ Training pads
  • 1 ~ Roll of clean up bags
  • 2 ~ Toys
  • 1 ~ Bag
  • 1 ~ Info package

Puppy Packs

Travel Packs include:

The same items as listed above with the exception of the water bottle which cannot go through security and the kennel which is a Sharpa travel carrier. It's guaranteed on board and easily fits under most airline seats.

  • Travel Packs

~ Shipping Packs would be the same as the two examples above, with the exception of the kennel being hard sided. As well as they would have additional food and water dishes attached inside the kennel.

~ All of our Puppy Packs now include custom handmade Sassi Creations "Sassi Pups" puppy blankets!! (As seen in the travel pack photo)